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Stitch A Longs

There are a lot of Stitchalongs on Facebook and Instagram lately. Stitchalongs are a great way to meet new friends and complete a project together, as well as inspiration to keep stitching. The Realhousewives of Cross stitch have a large number where you can join in any time with no end date. You can find their stitchalongs on Facebook under Stitching with the Housewives group and Instagram under the following hashtags!

pcchalkfull pcstarspangledswine pccarrotscottontailsfarm pclandthatIlove pcwinterwonderlandfarm pcqueenbee pcSantaslist pcblessourhome pcautumnacres pcpumpkinhollowfarms pcwinterwonderland pchometownholidays lanternlanesal pcoldredbarn


The Hometown Holiday series and Old Red Barn are on the our website.


They also have days of the week stitch a longs starsnstripessaturday santasundayxs witchywednesdayxs fallfridaystitching merrymondayxs maniamondayxsh where you can work on your own projects.

Since they are in the US I changed Fridays to farmfridays or funfridays where I can my stitch my own projects. Saturdays again I just choose whatever Im working on.

In October there is a lot of Halloween and Dark October stitchalongs too. Jen Lee of #24HousofCrossStich also runs challenges each month where you can track your time or count your stitches. Im using the September Challenge to try and finish a few of my WIPs (works in progress). There are trackers (pdf) on the groups facebook page under 'files'.

Jen also hosts the 24 Hours of Cross Stitch where you stitch for 24 hours straight...I join in but I stitch with #teamsleep. The next round is October 4-6th.

If you are looking for inspiration outside Facebook and Instagram, there are a lot of stitchers on YouTube with flosstube videos. They talk about their current work in progress, completed items and haul ( purchases). I subscribe to a few channels but I love

Priscilla and Chelsea of the Realhousewives of Cross stitch

Jen Lee of 24Hours of Cross stitch

Pretty Southern

Erica D

Pumpkin Hollow Quilts

Each of these ladies have large numbers of videos and Im and still working through some of them.

So if your looking for inspiration, motivation or just curious... try a stitchalong or watch a few flosstubes....

Happy Stitching


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